Iphigenia at Aulis

Directors note:

The spirit of Iphigenia came sailing into our lives four weeks before the show's opening. In this process, we explore classic Greek themes of war, family, ritual and fate while we ask ourselves "what does it mean to be a storyteller, and what if with that story comes an incredible amount of pain?” No matter how painful or joyful, it is our duty as artists to tell the truth, a thing the Greeks, the legends, the heroes often did so well. They delivered the truth. We hope tonight we fulfill these artistic obligations and if we don't, what does anything matter?

- Ryan Ortega, Director


Cast & Crew

Woman 1/ Woman of Chalkis: Karen Thorla

Messenger/Woman of Chalkis: Lauren Cusker

Woman of Chalkis: Kimberly Hicks 

Woman of Chalkis: Emily Coleman

Achilles: Walker Snow Harrison

Menelaus: John E. Kilberg

Director:  Ryan Ortega

Assistant Director/ Vocal Coach: Emily Coleman 

Costume Designer: John-Ross Winter

Clytemnestra: Ariel Francoeur

Iphigenia: Liz Livingston     

Agamemnon: Tyler Linke